Benzing M2 Touchscreen Clock


The NEW Benzing M2 high performance electronic pigeon timing clock which has a perfectly-designed user interface with an extra-large full colour touchscreen display that makes menu navigation easy. A baby version of the M3 clock making it competitive and ideal for the average UK pigeon fancier.

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The M2 clock can handle up to 500 pigeons and fanciers can connect up to 8 antenna pads. The M2 has a 40 year lifetime battery guarantee.

All this ground-breaking technology is enclosed in a sleek and highly robust black housing that fits into your hand and feels great to handle. The M2 clock connects with all makes of Benzing antenna pads, the 1 field, 2 field and 4 field antenna pads as well as the hi speed 8 field and 12 field antenna pads. Existing Benzing G2 or M1 clock users can upgrade or trade-in their existing clock to the M2 touchscreen clock and continue to use their existing loft antenna setup.

Fanciers can assign their own ETS rings using their loft antenna pad and with the addition of a Smarthub 5 in the loft they get the features of instant notifications to their mobile phone or ipad of their arrivals from training or races, they can continue to time pigeon arrivals if the clock is removed to go to the club, from the built in 2nd clock integrated into the smarthub. The smarthub is Bluetooth enabled and can connect to temperature and humidity sensors in the loft. Fanciers can view their connected devices at the loft, seasons training results, racing results and pigeon performances and many of the other great features from their online cloud account at “My Pigeons”.


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