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Draw will take place on the completion of the sale of all of the bonus balls, Nos. 1 to 59
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The available numbers to chose from and the bonus ball entries received for this game : Bonus Ball Game 1  
Entry for this draw is : 25.00  per bonus ball number. Enter your choice of number(s) at checkout.

Bonus Ball Raffle Game 1
Top of the range Benzing M3 Touch-screen electronic racing pigeon clock with 2 x 4 Field, 22 inch x 10 inch antenna pads complete with all the connection cables and power supply for the pigeon loft. The kit also includes the latest Smarthub 4 which allows an interface to the live results website, connects to your mobile phone to notify you of all pigeon arrivals and has a GPS antenna where you can see the loft and the flight path of the race on google maps. The Smarthub has a built in 2nd timing clock that will clock the arrival of the pigeons from any active race or training flights when the M3 clock has been removed from the loft. The system also comes with a built in sim card for life, an M3 loft holder a carry case and 100 x ETS pro chip rings. The Benzing M3 clock is unbeatable in reliability and performance and has many user functions like multiple fanciers can clock from the same clock,  fanciers can assign their own rings without the need for a club system, shows you the velocity during the race and it functions on all manufacturers club or master systems. The M3 kit is brand new and has a 2 year guarantee with full technical support.

This complete M3 loft system has a recommended retail price value of : 1,880

To enter the Bonus Ball Raffle for the Benzing M3 System costs 25, click on the button at the top of this page or click this link :-

M3 Special Bonus Ball Raffle

Only those who are resident in the UK are eligible to enter and compete in any of the Bonus Ball Raffles. Please be aware that overseas entrants will be fully refunded, LESS any Debit or Credit Card, PayPal or Bank fees which may be applied by the merchants. The number of entries per person is not limited.

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