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Benzing 12v PSU Mains Adaptor  

UK 240v AC mains to 12v DC, power supply adaptor for the Benzing ClubSystem, M1, M3 and G2 clock.

 0.5A for G2 & ClubSystem - Benzing : 664887


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 1.5A, M1, M3 Clock - Benzing : 927927


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Benzing G2 Wall Holder  

Wall holder, cradle for the Benzing G2 clock. The clock comes already supplied with a mounting holder which ideally should be fitted at eye level in the loft to view the arrivals being clocked. Good idea to have a spare one available in the event of any damage or can be used away from the loft to house the clock when not in use.


 Benzing : 660176


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Benzing Authorisation Key Cards  

Security authorisation key cards for the Benzing ClubSystem. Key cards are required for the registering, basketing and evaluation of pigeons. These are required by the club officials for operating the Benzing clocks. The key cards are the digital keys for opening the Benzing clocks in club mode for assigning rings, basketing and evaluation pigeons at the club.


 Benzing : 552479


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Benzing EFA Antenna Controller  

Express G2 antenna controller for the old style EFA antenna pad. 4 off these antennas can be connected to 1 off controller and up to 5 off controllers can be connected to the Express G2 clock. Maximum of 20 off EFA pads. The new style 1, 2 and 4 field antenna can also be linked to this controller unit. This part is now obsolete, stock if available for spare part only.


 Benzing : 642277


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