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Benzing racing pigeon timing systems, ETS rings and all Benzing products and accessories can be ordered and purchased in the UK through Benzing UK, managed by Jim and Joan Savage of Abbeyton Group Limited.  

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Specials for 2020 - UK Only Contact Jim if your club would like a quote or demonstration

Benzing Deals & Catalogue

G2 Upgrade : Convert your existing G2 clock to a G2+ and add a Smarthub to go "LIVE"  

Benzing G2 clock users can now convert their existing G2 clock to a G2+ and install a Smarthub at the loft and go "LIVE". The new Smarthub also has a built in 2nd Clock "INN" which clocks the pigeons in when the G2 clock is not connected in the loft. Connect to your mobile phone, Ipad or PC via an APP to get instant notifications of all the pigeon arrivals. Limited Offer 2020 - Save £200.


 Special : Upgrade to a G2+ with SmartHub

RRP £595.00

* £395.00 *

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Exchange : M3 clock plus 150 ETS Rings - Exchange for your old Benzing M1 or G2  

The Benzing M3 clock has a perfectly-designed user interface with an extra-large full colour touch-screen display, that makes menu navigation easy. Upgrade to the NEW Benzing M3 clock plus get 150 ETS Rings when you part exchange your M1 or G2 ETS clock. This deal applies for this season. The M3 clock is not compatible with the very old style EFA metal antenna pads.


 Special : Old Benzing ETS Clock for a NEW M3 Touchscreen ETS


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Clock shows : SERVICE  -  Exchange your Old G2 clock for a Brand New G2 Clock  

G2 clocks manufactured around 2008 or if between 7 and 10 years old will come up “SERVICE” and requires exactly that, plus they will require their internal watch battery changed that holds its memory data. The clock may run for another 3 - 12 months, we don’t really know, but eventually it will die and stop working all together. It works out as cheaper to exchange it for a brand new G2 clock.


 Special : Benzing : G2 Exchange Service Deal


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