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Tel : 0844 850 3550  

Benzing - "The Worlds Most Advanced Electronic Racing Pigeon Timing Systems" : Benzing design and manufacture high technology, secure, reliable and advanced racing pigeon timing clocks for the sport of racing pigeons. They are World leaders in "LIVE" timing of the One Loft Races in over 60 Countries in the World.

 Jim Savage - Benzing UK - 07799 640 711

  Suppliers and customers can chat with us 7 days a week if they require further information on the range of products or if they require any technical support.
  The Benzing G2, proven to be one of the most reliable and thought after clocks in the UK for all generations, due to its ergonomic design and simplicity to operate.
  The next generation, touch-screen, M3 clock, now available for 2020 season.

Benzing UK, supply Benzing electronic timing systems, antenna pads, ETS rings and accessories to fanciers based anywhere in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We provide a full guarantee with technical support for all products that are purchased directly from us. We can offer great deals for multiple ETS purchases for UK clubs.
Tip : Be very careful when purchasing second hand Benzing clocks, especially online. Ensure the clock does not display "SERVICE" before purchasing.

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