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Benzing Battery Cable  

Battery cable for the M1, M3 and G2 Benzing clock, to power the clock in the event of a power failure or to power the clock where there is no mains supply, example in an allotment. The cable can be connected to a small 12v car battery or golf caddy type battery or to a small sealed lead acid battery, typically used in alarm panels.


 Benzing : 818006


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Benzing PLB Power Adaptor Cable  

In larger pigeon lofts where more than 3 off 12 field PLB speed antennas or 6 off 8 field PLB speed antennas are fitted then this power adaptor cable is required to allow for an additional 12v power supply to be connected inline to ensure that there is no power loss through the cabling of connecting up many antennas over a large distance.


 Benzing : 247581


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Benzing USB to Serial Adaptor  

USB to Serial RS232 adaptor cable for connecting the older style Benzing ClubSystem, the one without the display, to a laptop computer or to a desktop computer that only has the USB communication connections. This cable can also be used with the blue data cable which connects the G2 to the computer for updating the clocks firmware.


 Benzing : Aten UC232A


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Benzing USB 2.0 Cable  

A USB 2.0, Male USB A to Male USB B, 1.8m cable. A high speed data cable for connecting the Benzing ClubSystem to a desktop computer or to a laptop for the assignment of rings and for transferring data to and from the Benzing clock. This cable is also used with all of the Benzing clocks and products that support USB connections.


 Benzing : 197383


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