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G2 Battery Docking Station  

Designed as an emergency power supply. In the event of a power outage or fluctuations, the power is supplied for another 5 hours. This means that the Benzing G2 when equipped with a docking station, it can be used in a loft that has no mains supply at all. Includes a USB interface, for the purpose of updating the firmware in the G2 clock and for uploading or printing arrival information.


 Benzing : 657182


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Benzing Live! 3.0  

The Benzing Live!, the future of the pigeon sport. All the data of the clocked pigeons can be seen immediately on the results website. Pigeon fanciers can follow the arrival times of their own pigeons and compare them with the arrivals of the other club members. Instant club results. Download the Benzing app to your phone or ipad. Also ideal for training, instant notification of all arrivals.


 Benzing : 101903 , Lifetime Sim Card Included


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Upgrade to a Benzing G2+  

Upgrade your existing Express G2 clock to integrate and function with the new Benzing Live! 3.0 product. The M3 and the M1 clocks automatically function with the Benzing Live!, but the standard Express G2 needs to be upgraded to function with the Benzing Live!. Express G2 clocks must be returned to the Benzing UK agent for this upgrade to be done.


 Benzing : 887237


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Benzing M1 Station  

The Benzing M1 Station is a must for all fanciers if they would like to get the most out of their clocking system. It offers a variety of functions and combines clubpoint and INN all in one unit. Acts as a second clock recording all the arrivals when the M1 is not in the loft. Connects directly to a parallel printer and with an RS232 modem it can send SMS text message of arrivals to a mobile.


 Benzing : 362478


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