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Benzing racing pigeon timing systems, ETS rings and all Benzing products and accessories can be ordered and purchased in the UK through Benzing UK, managed by Jim and Joan Savage of Abbeyton Group Limited, who also manage, | Abbeyton Group | Homing Pigeons | Pigeon Support | Pigeons Online | WSCC |

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SERVICE - Benzing Deal - Old G2 Clock exchanged for a New G2 Clock  

G2 clocks manufactured around 2008 or if between 7 and 10 years old will come up “SERVICE” and requires exactly that, plus they will require their internal watch battery changed that holds its memory data. The clock may run for another 3 - 12 months, we don’t really know exactly, but eventually it will die and stop working all together. It works out cheaper to exchange it for new clock.


 Benzing : G2 Exchange Deal 2019


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Benzing Express G2 + 2 x 2 Field Antenna Pads + 20 ETS Rings  

Electronic timing system starter package, A Benzing Express G2 electronic clock with 2 off the new style, 11 inch x 10.5 inch, 2 field antenna pads, plus 20 x ETS pro chip rings. This deal is only valid at this special offer price if you trade in any manufacturers clocking system, a mechanical or electronic clock in exchange. Valid only during 2019 racing season.


 Benzing : G2 ETS Starter Package Deal


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Benzing G2 Carry Case  

The Benzing G2 clock carry case, an ideal and protective hard exterior, zipped case to protect the G2 clock from being scratched or damaged during transit to and from the marking station. The case is of a compact and light design, with a padded interior to protect the clock against, scratching, dust and shock. The clock fits snugly into the strapped compartment inside the case.


 Benzing : G2 Carry Case


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